FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is sublimation and why do you offer these products?

A: Sublimation offers high quality prints on a huge variety of items that are treated with a polymer coating or garments made of polyester. This process uses a special printer, transfer inks, paper, and a heat press. 

2. What is the process?

A: After your image is designed, we print using our special ink, paper, and printer. Using 385-400 degrees for most materials, this high heat from our heat press activates the sublimation ink and turns it into a gas. Pores of the coated item open up to accept the sublimation print. When removed from the heat, the ink is now infused into the item. We use heat tape and parchment paper to keep the image in place and to protect our heat press from getting the residual ink from the printed image. 

3.What kind of sublimation items do you offer?

A: We use 95-100% polyester shirts, hats, socks, masks, bibs, blankets, pillows, jewelry, plush toys, journals, wallets, tumblers, puzzles, air fresheners, and more!