COVID-19 Prevention Policy

COVID-19 Prevention Program (CPP) for CrazyCouponingChefCrafting LLC


This CPP is designed to control employees’ exposures to the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) that may occur in our workplace.


Date: 7/01/2021


Authority and Responsibility

Jasmine Mitchell, Owner has overall authority and responsibility for implementing the provisions of this CPP in our workplace. All employees are responsible for using safe work practices, following all directives, policies and procedures, and assisting in maintaining a safe work environment.


Identification and Evaluation of COVID-19 Hazards

We implement the following in our workplace:

  • Conduct workplace-specific evaluations
  • Evaluate employees’ potential workplace exposures to all persons at, or who may enter, our
  • DevelopCOVID-19policiesandprocedurestorespondeffectivelyandimmediatelytoindividualsatthe workplace who are a COVID-19 case to prevent or reduce the risk of transmission in the workplace
  • Review applicable orders and general and industry-specific guidance from the State of California, Cal/ OSHA, and the local health department related to COVID-19 hazards and
  • Evaluate existing COVID-19 prevention controls in our workplace and the need for different or additional
  • Conduct periodic inspections as needed to identify and evaluate unhealthy conditions, work practices, and work procedures related to COVID-19 and to ensure compliance with our COVID-19 policies and


Employee screening

We screen our employees and respond to those with COVID-19 symptoms.



Face Coverings

        We provide clean, undamaged face coverings and ensure they are properly worn by employees.


Cleaning and disinfecting

We implement the following cleaning and disinfection measures for frequently touched surfaces and objects, such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, equipment, tools, handrails, handles, controls, phones, headsets, bathroom surfaces, and steering wheels: