Why Are Our Personalized Gifts A Must Have?

Shopping for a unique gift can be really stressful. If you are tired of purchasing the same old boring gifts or are struggling to come up with something memorable, why not try a personalized gift? Take your gift-giving skills to another level with an impressive present that is customized for the person you are gifting it to.
Add text, and/or photos to turn an ordinary gift into an extraordinary one. 
Here at CCCCrafting LLC, we know the importance of gift giving and see it as the perfect way to celebrate your special moments. 
1. Personalized Gifts reflect the thoughts you put into them.
People say "It's the thought that counts." Having one of our products customized for the receiver will show the thought and care you placed into selecting the item.
Customer Reviewfrom Mrs. Scott:Holiday Gift!!! ( Puzzles)

One stop party shop. Each and every gift was perfect. All who received a present truly valued their gift, Thank You, definitely will shop again!!!

2. They will become an everlasting keepsake.
With the proper maintenance, your purchased gift can last forever as a token of love and memory. The positive thoughts that resonate when receiving the gift will often return every time they see or use the item. 
Our custom made tumblers can do just that, every time you take a sip and see the photos of your spouse or children. 
3. They show love and affection.
A personalized gift can show that you know the individual very well and have made a great effort to ensure it is something they will love. 
Customer Review from Andrea:

I purchased this tumbler for my mother for Christmas! She, well we absolutely loved it, she almost didn’t get it! Lol you can’t go wrong ordering with CCCC! The passion and professionalism is built naturally into every order!

4. They are great for anyone.

No matter the gender, age, or nationality. You can find a gift for everyone on your list. Simply choose something that includes their name, favorite color(s), or photos that are special to them, and you will have the ultimate gift. 

5. They are one of a kind.

By customizing their name or photos into a gift, you can ensure that the gift is truly unique and something they will treasure forever. 

Customer Review from Andrea: I purchased this journal as a gift for a vain friend of mine, needless to say she LOVED having her picture on her custom journal!

6. They help celebrate personal relationships. 

Serving as gestures of affection, love, and gratitude, the gift will show the receiver that they are adored and acknowledged for the special place they hold in your life. 

Customer Review: I absolutely love my customized dog tag! Everyone complements me when I wear it!

7. They preserve memories.

Customized with the valuable photos of an unforgettable day, event, or person, it can allow individuals to remember the sentimental moments that once made them laugh or smile. 

Customer Review: Whew Chile the tears! That’s all I can say!!! These truly take your breath away and sweetly commemorate a loved one.

8. They are appropriate for any occasion.

Need something fun, romantic, memorable, or celebratory? We have something to meet that need. 

9. They can make the receiver feel good.

People may not remember what you did or said, but they will always remember how you made them feel overall. If your gift can cause them to feel better, happy, or loved, you definitely understood the assignment.

10. Our gifts are custom and affordable.

We strive to bring you customizable items that reflect your thoughts, shows affection, is one of a kind, preserves memories and bonds of friendship, and is affordable. Our quality products are reasonably priced and we offer payment installments through Afterpay, Klarna, Sezzle, and Shoppay. 


 If you were struggling to find the gift you need, you have come to the right place. The team at CCCCrafting LLC is here to assist you in choosing your next gift. Make sure you grab something for yourself. Everyone deserves a treat. 

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  • Sharisse Porcha on

    Everything I’ve ever order was just amazing and so much more. I can’t began to explain the a amount of professionalism that goes into her product’s. I would definitely recommend Jasmine for the perfect gift for any occasion. I’m so pleased with my items.

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